The communications landscape provides us all with the opportunity to communication all over the world.

Disinformation and fake news have become a central part of the online information landscape.

Both governments and businesses need to understand the new communications arena including all the communication tools out there. Disinformation is not only for twitter och Facebook. We find it on all communications platforms online, also on those focusing on a younger audience such as Tik Tok, Snapchat, gaming platforms and so on.

Disinformation is a threat to society, trade and industry. Earhart business protection agency provides analytics of disinformation during conflicts, crisis, elections and everyday life. 

Organised persuasive communication


Most people are aware of the fact that social media could be a powerful tool, but do we really understand what that means?

Social media platforms provide efficient outlets for strategic communication, an important tool for a country’s soft power: its ability to make an impact through organised persuasive communication. 

Today we collect most of our information from different social media platforms, and our perception of truth is shaped by our friends' judgment and stories they share online. 

Organisations, businesses and governments need to increase their understanding of how different actors, both state and non-governmental organisations, organised crime and others, have the power to influence the trust in your organisation through the clever use of strategic communication. A well designed information operation does have the power to set stock prices fall freely after false statements, fake news or charity # campaigns.

When the perceived truth sets the agenda for your business, you need a readiness to face the impact of information.


We provide research


In addition to research on information campaigns on social media, we provide advisory support, courses in open source intelligence research for organisations and schools, and help you to protect yourself from and identify information campaigns against your business. Our CEO is often engaged to speak at seminars about our research, disinformation and why we think your digital footprints is interesting data. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@earhart.se 




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